Welcome to the first in what will hopefully be a long line of posts with tons of tips to help you get the most out of RocketRETS! RocketRETS is a POWERFUL  RETS IDX for WordPress Plugin, there are so many possibilities I would love to show you how harness the power!

Using the RocketRETS shortcode embedder we are going to build a Gated Community Niche Page. These are great for SEO as well as your site users to dial in exactly what they are looking for, and you can better serve them!

The first step is to create a new WordPress Page. This is done on the left sidebar using Pages > Add New or using the “+” on the WordPress admin bar and choosing “New”

Next I am going to name this page “Orlando Gated Communities”.

Next, you want to add a text section. I am building this page using the ENFOLD theme, so there is a text block element. This may vary from theme to theme. If you are using Gutenberg Block editor, make sure you install the classic editor and switch to that until you are done with your shortcode and then you can switch back!

In the text section you will find the RocketRETS Plugin button. Click that and away we go!

The first section of course is your display options. Set this to your desired layout and look. Here are the options I am choosing:

After that, all we need to do is filter the results! To do this I am going to choose the following:

City: Orlando

Status: Active (I am choosing this because I don’t want to show pending properties on this page)

PropertyType: Residential (I don’t want to show rentals)

PropertySubType: Single Family Residence – options vary from MLS to MLS so this may not be the same name as your MLS make sure to check your fields!

Here is the important filter for creating THIS particular niche page!

CommunityFeatures: You’ll notice the box is VERY long, this is because it’s pulling the information of every listing that has been downloaded to your database and this field has many many options. Anyway, instead of picking an option, I have put %Gated% in the box manually. This is a WILDCARD! So it will pick up the words Gated, or Gated Community or anything with the word Gated. You can add more, separated by a comma and put things like %Guard% or %Guard%Gate% and so on and so on. But for this demonstration, we will leave it at %Gated%

The final choices look like this:

The next step is the click “SEND TO EDITOR” and this is the shortcode it will put  on your page:

[rocketrets_properties display_layout="3-Column" card_theme="BigCard" use_pagination="1" results_per_page="12" max_total_results="999" orderby="Price" order_dir="DESC" show_controls="1" user_per_page="10,25,50" user_order_by="Price,DaysOnMarket,SqFtTotal" CommunityFeatures="%Gated%" PropertySubType="Single Family Residence" PropertyType="Residential" Status="Active" City="ORLANDO"]

Next, just publish your page!

and here is the result:

Homes For Sale – Orlando Gated Communities

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