When one of your site users or clients searches your real estate website, a great way to capture new leads or keep your current clients visiting your website, is the saved favorites feature.

On the property cards (listings) , or on a single property page (listing details), the user can click the “” and if they are NOT registered yet on the site, they will be prompted to register. Now you have the lead’s contact information!  If they are already registered, they will be prompted to login, and if they are already logged in, the star will turn red.

By default, when installing RocketRETS, a page is created: You may rename this however you want, and you can set up the listings display on this page in whatever custom way you’d like. You can create new cards specifically for this page, or use existing listing card templates. You can include other links to other predetermined property pages, or a contact form on this page. Anything you can dream up, you can build with RocketRETS.

RocketRETS is a real estate website plugin idx rets for wordpress and is shaking up the industry by offering plans with no monthly fees. If you’d like to learn more about these plans, visit

RocketRETS is Real Estate Website Plugin that is packed with features and includes everything your website needs

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RocketRETS downloads your local MLS listings to YOUR website’s database, and gives you the power to:

  • Create unlimited neighborhood pages, custom pre-defined search pages and endless market data report pages, helping you get ranked on search engines and stand out from the crowd
  • Set up full, live, up to the minute MLS searches for your clients and website users, and allow them to save their searches, favorites, and get listing alerts emailed directly to their inbox
  • Whether you want to capture leads and convert them into sales, or keep your current clients happy and AWAY from the big box real estate sites, RocketRETS is the best, fastest Real Estate Website Plugin with no monthly fees. no contracts, and no limits!